Get up, Stand up (Street Cred cover)

Through this project we engage with artists who want to make music for public interest and seek to influence political and social discourses through their compositions.

Street Cred’s a capella rendition of ‘Get up, Stand up’ by Bob Marley was composed with the aim of being an Anthem for the cause of Child Rights. Children are an innocent and vulnerable section of the society in whose hands lies the crucial responsibility of shaping the future of our country and that of the world. As adults, it is our duty to create and spread awareness among children of their rights. We felt the best way to do so, was by using music as a mode of communicating this strong and positive message.


‘Get up, Stand up’ was originally written by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. The song is about taking action against oppression, injustice discrimination and has been used as a rallying call for human rights.