Conversations on human rights and justice have for far too long become academic and theoretical, employing sophisticated language and techniques instead of being useful and usable for a citizen and a justice user. These conversations become inaccessible for a majority of people because the form and medium that they utilise does not respond to the common legal needs of people.

There is a growing need to democratise access to information about ordinary justice problems and facilitate greater participation among different sections of society in advancing innovations and ideas for access to justice.

At Justice Adda we seek to understand, prototype and build solutions that contribute to making the justice system work for everyone.


Do you want to build tools and strategies for legal empowerment ?

Do you require a new strategy to increase the impact of your advocacy campaign ?

Do you want to explain legal procedures in an understandable manner ?

Do you require research to design a more equitable justice system?

Justice Adda part of Jusadd Innovation Lab LLP is a social enterprise that helps human rights campaigners, development organisations, justice and other legal institutions to empower people to understand and use the law by providing content, design, and technology solutions. Justice Adda was incubated at the Cambridge Social Ventures programme in the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School.


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