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COVID-19 and the Constitution

Justice Adda is excited to have collaborated with The Centre for Health Equity, Law & Policy and Vaibhav Bhawsar to launch of COVID-19 and the Constitution, an interactive timeline that documents law and policy responses to COVID-19 and places them in the context of Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.


The project has three core components: a chronological repository of law and policy responses issued at the central and state level; analytical pieces from experts that comment on the impact of these responses on Fundamental Rights; and people’s voices and lived experiences that portray the true human cost of COVID-19.


The timeline seeks to fill a critical knowledge gap and serve as a fertile ground for research, reflection and rights-based interventions. It’s for everyone – academics, lawyers, health professionals, public health experts, students, policymakers, social workers, and activists!


COVID-19 and the Constitution is a living project that will be continually updated to reflect the shifts and changes in law, policy and society wrought by the pandemic. We invite you to explore the timeline and share this tool through your networks.


For more on the project please visit the website here

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