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Justice Adda is delighted to introduce a primer titled, 'The (not so) Secret Life of Your Data'. With data and technology playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, concerns surrounding privacy and the freedom of choice are ones we can't shy away from any longer. In a series of interactive modules, we've taken our own unique spin on these issues and come out with a toolkit that we hope is accessible to all. Combining reading and reference resources from digital rights organizations around the world, reflections, quizzes, crosswords and a *spoiler alert* activity-based data routine, the toolkit breaks down complex discussions around privacy, profiling, AI and state surveillance- both internationally and with respect to the Indian context. While in no way fully exhaustive, our main aim behind this resource is  to provide bite-sized information to readers along with extensive links to further resources in the hope of contributing to a culture that is more sensitive to understanding data and its implications. 

Download the individual modules below


Download a PDF with all the modules below

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