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Consumer Rights

Child Rights Briefs: While there has been constitutional provision to protect the rights of the weaker section, often lack of a clear understanding of those rights has stymied the enforcement of these laws. In this series we have looked at the background and provisions of these laws as well as identified action points that would help the average user understand how to employ these rights.

by Rachit Sharma

Overcrowding of prisons has been a long standing human rights issue with poor living conditions, lack of resources and basic facilities. In the context of a pandemic such as COVID-19, where the risk of contagion endangers the health and life of the population there is a larger onus on the State to ensure health and sanitation and prevent overcrowding of prisons. In this series we look at the problem of overcrowding of prisons, the human rights concerns it raises and narrow our focus on the statistics and situation in India along with highlighting certain policy initiatives that can tackle this issue.


by Sakunkan Neesung