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Part of Justice Adda’s drive to make the law accessible to the ordinary citizen is spreading awareness of those laws in a manner that is both engaging as well as informative. The "Graphic Law Library" serves the dual purpose of both educating the individual about their rights as well as informing them about the procedures to be followed in order to ensure those rights. The idea is to provide the information needed in a systematic and engaging fashion, providing the history behind the laws and where necessary providing a comprehensible template for the individual to use in the case of procedures. Not only will this help citizens become aware of and employ those rights, but it will also  bring into the debate those typically excluded from public discourse on the social issues that were the impetus behind those legislations.

The Graphic Law Library was designed in partnership with Hanns Seidel Foundation, India.


Project Leads:

Siddharth Peter de Souza, Aparna Mehrotra, Siddhi Gupta, Varsha Aithala, Naomi T. Jose, Conor McGlynn, Teresa Sebastian, Krystle Miranda and Ritu Priya 


Payal Chandra, Saumya Varma, Eklavya Vasudev,  Ajitesh Kir, Agrima Bhasin, Divya Verma, Yashdeep Chahai, Jitendra Singh, Bernard Fernandes, Aiswarya Murali, Divya Parmar, Natiana Godinho, Danicarose D’souza, Akshaya Joglekar, Sahil Deshprabhu, Savio Rebello, Ellysen Dias Sapeco, Kavita Gawas, Ameya Nayak, Shachi Kulkarni, Tanya Ferreira, Balchandra Bandodkar, Aishwarya Nunes, Johanna Collaco, Ashwini Sangodkar, Krupa Parab, Divya Parmar, Sebat Branco, Prathamesh Parastekar, Adithya Parab, Harsh Joshi, Phiroze Loran, Donovan Fernandes, Akshay Naik, Slaney Maciel, Sirach, Leandra, Anmol, Vassudev and Aishwaya.

We also thank V. M. Salgaocar College of Law for their support on this project. 

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