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law and everyday life -
a learning toolkit

Justice Adda is happy to introduce ‘Law and Everyday Life’ a learning toolkit on locating and actioning the law in our civic spaces. We encounter the law everyday in the various spaces we occupy- at the traffic signal, on product packaging, during elections. The toolkit speaks to a young audience about the idea of how the law intersects with their everyday life. It encourages meaningful and active engagement through design thinking and storytelling. The topics covered relate to those fundamentals of the law that enable us to  be active and aware members of the community. It hopes to be a guide for you for the first time you enter a courtroom, speak to a police officer or lawyer, draft an RTI enquiry or for when you try to understand the Constitution better.    


This toolkit includes an interactive workbook, workshop templates and infographics, provided in a modular format.  The toolkit with its different constituents is aimed at CSOs, NGOs, legal aid societies, organizations that work on the ground and typically with those outside of formal education system. However, various combinations of the elements can be used even by individuals directly depending on context and requirements.

Design: Siddhi Gupta

Research Assistance: Rachit Sharma

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