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Over the course of the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought healthcare and its related aspects into sharp focus. The multifaceted fallout of the pandemic has demonstrated how many different areas of the life of the average citizen stand implicated. Social vulnerabilities contribute an added layer of complexity. Where do citizens locate their rights and entitlements in relation to their health and is the law able to encapsulate everything that may form a part of one's 'right to health'? 

Justice Adda has collaborated with C-HELP in bringing to life the initiative of tracing the development of the right to health jurisprudence in India. The project illustrates 10 judgments of Indian courts that have each looked at a unique aspect of the right to health. Each of these judgments looks to the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India and operationalises them to arrive at a broad definition of 'health' and the ensuing guarantees and entitlements that accrue to this right.

Download here

Download translated CASES  here

Project Leads:

Aparna Mehrotra and Siddhi Gupta

Assisted by:

Mihika Mukherjee and Rachit Sharma

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