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Virtual Exhibition

An Exhibition on Plural Ideas of Justice


Loud by Kruthika N.S.


What even is a system but a set way of doing things, and what even is a legal system but a set way of accepting one's idea of justice?Of letting that be. Because here’s the thing about systems – they’re built to last. Even if justice dissipates into years forming pasts. When the #MeToo movement took flight, half the world was surprised, frightened even. The other half was (is) simply tired. As a woman who navigates a world whose systems were built by men, for men, and to men, it seemed apparent and least of all surprising that women began to grow solidarity outside the realm of courts and laws to inch closer to justice. Our sense of justice. A sense of justice that seemed far from legal, faulty even, to purported supporters of the established rule of law. Of evidence. Of letting justice take its course. But how does power operate when the course is already drawn? How difficult is it to swim upstream, thus prompting us from getting off the boat? I seek to showcase this in a comic, with protagonists moving in and out of harsh square panels and unstructured worlds of solace, of solidarity.

(Disclaimer : The artwork in the exhibition represents the views and the work of artist alone)

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