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We are happy to announce  ‘Map-a-Forum’, a digital encyclopaedia of the various types of non-state dispute processing forums and mechanisms used in India. South Asia in general and India in particular has been the focus of several academic studies engaged in expanding the understanding of concepts such as legal pluralism, forum shopping, state-non-state relations. Non-state dispute processing forums have always been an integral part of these knowledge building exercises.


Map-a-Forum is an initiative to organise the information about the different types of non-state forums and mechanisms on a single platform. Envisioned as a joint exercise, for the development of this platform we invite contributions from researchers about different types of forums and mechanisms they may have observed, examined or analysed. This mapping platform will be an ongoing exercise to be continued beyond the conference and will be available as an open-access portal on the Justice Adda website. 


Submission details 


- Contributions should be upto 1000 words


- Font,Style: Times New Roman,12pt, 1.5 space


- An ideal contribution would include: description of forum in terms of composition, physical location or community the forum is found in, types of disputes decided, other functions of such a forum, method of dispute processing (including type of legal orders / laws that hold precedence,if at all), objectives of forum (maintenance of harmony, preservation of religious values, etc) any specific/unique/distinguishing characteristics.


- Please send your contributions to

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