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Virtual Exhibition

An Exhibition on Plural Ideas of Justice


Roaring Silence by Aarul Mathew

This series is based on socio political and daily life observations. Today we find ourselves in a state of constant despair with a falling economy and a so called democracy which may or may not be working for the benefit of the common man to be specific for the middle class or below poverty line of our country. 

My work is symbolic in nature. Teapot being symbolic of elitism or the elite class and the ruling political party. As even in history we see the kettle or tea pot being used by the kings and elite class. Every cutlery is symbolic of human beings of different class of our society. Representing the elite class, the middle class, lower middle class, he below poverty line people.

Exploring the same theme using different textured backgrounds is a major part of my work. Colours of the earth are used for the teapot or the cutlery to make the whole appeal very dull depicting reality and the present times in general.

(Disclaimer : The artwork in the exhibition represents the views and the work of artist alone)

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