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Virtual Exhibition

An Exhibition on Plural Ideas of Justice

ज़बान चलना.001.jpeg

Zubaan Chalna by Ankur Yadav

Stories can reinvent, reconfigure, and reinvestigate. They can bring out the untold stories, create shifts in perspective and contain within themselves an allohistorical narrative, an alternative way of storytelling, and an alternative method of history.In my works, I use photo frames as a carrier bag, to present an alternative way of bringing back the essence of a deceased individual. The idea took root when I encountered the absence of the person’s photo frame in the house, a frame usually reserved for people who have passed away. Their lack in the house hides the stories which I document and deliver through paintings within the frames. The frames contain the absence, the stories which have been suppressed, silenced, and concealed.

(Disclaimer : The artwork in the exhibition represents the views and the work of artist alone)

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